Ethereum Classic: Code is Law

Ethereum Classic had a flying start to the decade with a massive upsurge in its price this January. It indeed shed light once again on the project and we’ve been hearing people hinting that ETC is back in the race. There are a ton of contributing factors and in this post, ChangeHero will give you an outlook of Ethereum Classic and reasons for the buzz around it.
For the freshmen, Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that processes smart contracts — applications which run only when certai..

Shopify, InBev & Reebonz Go Blockchain / Dfinity’s Open Social Network / Stablecoins Are Evolving…

Photo by Alex Holyoake on UnsplashShopify, InBev & Reebonz Go Blockchain / Dfinity’s Open Social Network / Stablecoins Are Evolving FinancesJanuary 29, 2020
We’re closing out the first month of 2020 looking towards an exciting Q1 2020 for the landscape this year. Let’s keep the pace moving with all the recent happenings of the blockchain, DApps & DLT landscapes. Dfinity unveiled an open social network called LinkedUp to rival LinkedIn. Six major central banks collab on digital currency Bank for ..

Designing the most secure oracle for the Decentralized Finance

If you have been active in blockchain space for a while, you must have heard about oracles. If you haven’t…
What is an oracle?Oracle is something that reports external data to a blockchain.
Blockchains are deterministic systems. This means that all of the data in the blockchain must be verifiable at any moment. Hence, they can’t rely on external data, which can change at any time.
How oracles enable Smart contracts to access external dataThis problem is solved by an entity called ‘Oracle’, which..