Create your first permission blockchain with Multichain

Create your first permission blockchain solution with MultichainGetting started with Multichain platform
MultichainMultichain is an open-source, bitcoin forked permission blockchain solution.
ScenarioLet’s Imagine an application that is shared by multiple organizations. The application is interacting with an underlying database.
In a traditional centralized architecture, this database is hosted and administered by a single party which all of the participants trust, even if they do not trust each..

Money Jenga

I love DeFi, the design space it opens up is impossible to fully comprehend and it seems like every week there is some new novel-to-mind-blowing product or service being launched. Only a fraction of these will ever reach mainstream adoption or accrue a meaningful amount of liquidity but this iteration through successes and failures is required to find the compelling use cases. I am of the mind that its the products that are doing something completely new, rather than ones re-hashing traditional ..